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Personel life

Johnnathan Gerard was born on 26th September 1984 in Tamilnadu, India. A 3 month old toddler, he went back to UAE, were his parents stayed at that time. He was brought up in UAE (Dubai, Fujairah) and lived there for 16 years. By nature he is a calm, silent and an inquisitive person. Since childhood he developed lot of interest towards Music, Arts and Entertainment. He spent most his time Drawing and Painting. He got trained in Karate and was also an Athlete (track events) and this kept him fit and flexible till date. Later he came to India to do his higher studies. During his college days he started developing lot of interest towards composing electronic Music, Technology and Software's. He dedicated most of his time experimenting and learning Music and Software's.


Johnnathan is the second of four children born to Vincent Gerard (worked for a Bank) and his wife, Amala Gerard (house wife). Dance and Music was in the family. His mother sings, dad an Artist and Athlete, both his sister ( Evelyn and Bibiana Gerard) are (Indian) classically trained dancers and they sing aswell. Younger brother (Joshua Gerard) is a dancer and choreographer. As a family they performed a lot of dance shows.


He did his schooling in UAE and then did his bachelors (Vis-com) at Loyola College, Chennai, India. He got trained in 2D & 3D (animation) and video Editing. He has been experimenting with electronic music for the past ten years. By profession Johnnathan is an Art Director (UI / UX Designer and Visualizer). As a hobby, he uploads rough composition on www.soundcloud.com and later produces independent Music Videos. His works were inspiring that, he was invited to do shows, Tv shows, Music Videos from various parts of the world. This inspired him to take his hobby to the next level and founded GERARDAM.

Signature move

Johnnathan is famous for his Facial contortion (Lip movement). He has been performing this art for the past 20 years ( on various stage shows, TV shows and even Movies). Recently one of the Music Videos (Indian Dubstep), where he performed this art, had reached millions of views attracting international audiences. This inspired him to create a simple, silly, yet a fun Mobile & Tab game - Face Dubstep. Visit www.facedubstep.com to download the app for free.